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Annotations to the "Ebenenbilder" (layer-paintings)
(deutsche Version des Themas)

The layer-pictures came into being nearly at the same time in my meditations and during my zen-like painting.
Suddenly they appeared.
And little by little I understood, that they want to show me the hundreds, the thousands or even the millions of the shamanic layers of possibilities to act, or better: to heal.
It seems, that they too are a part of the Otherworld, perhaps an entrance into this world of endless possibilities and wonders: The world of Nagual.

The longer you contemplate them, the deeper you get into this magical land of Fantastica ...

Geschehnisse in der blauen Ebene (Acting in the blue layer); Malmittel und Malgrund: Acryl auf Gerstaecker Zeichenpapier (Rolle) 200g/qm; 133 cm x 215,2 cm (52.4 x 84.7"); April 2020

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