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Annotations to the "traumhaften Bildern" (dreamlike-paintings)

(deutsche Version des Themas)

These dreamlike paintings are more like a feeling , an exploring, an evocation into distant memories, nearly vanished emotions ...

Contemplating them, it happens, that suddenly some blurry areas are changing into meaningful structures. One view later they are dissipated, slowly taking a new shape again.

It`s a learning what these shamanic layers of realities could mean. What this ability of the healers and wise wizards could mean:  the switching from one world into another ...

For me these paintings are a demand to strengthen this possibility of human mankind. An important skill for this beginning age of de-traumatization.

Because the earth needs human beings with the ability to feel deeply.
But the ability to a deep feeling needs a healed soul.
Healing a soul needs most: fantasy.

der Erlöser (the redeemer); Acryl auf Zeichenpapier (on drawing paper) 200g/qm;133 x 214,5 cm (52.4 x 84.4"); Dezember 2021

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A t e l i e r   b 2 2

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